Tuesday 14 June 2016

Testimony from India

A New Testimony

I received a testimony this week from V in Sri Lanka India

EnglishI write to inform you of a miracle that took place recently.
My daughter in law who is not a Catholic although she married in church.It was a mixed marriage.My son died three years ago.Though she is not a catholic she comes with my grandson and with us to church on important church feasts and when masses are said for my son.
When she bought a new car I placed The Seal of The Living God and the medal of Salvation in the car.
Recently there was heavy rain in Sri Lanka and many areas were flooded.There were strong winds and gales.
My daughter in law had parked her car near her office.A large tree had fallen and a big branch had fallen on the bonnet. but surprisingly there was not even a scratch on the bonnet (hood) though the branch had fallen across on top of the car.Everyone who saw this was surprised that nothing had happened to the car.I write this testimony to show how the Eternal Father will protect those who have The Seal of The Living God in their possession I offer my thanks and those of my family for this great miracle. V. Sri Lankas

medal of salvationI asked if I can share it on the blog and his response
Thanks for your email.You may share it on the Father of Love and mercy blog..May I take this opportunity to inform you that we are spreading the Maria Divine Mercy messages in English and Sinhalese and the Crusade prayers in English,Sinhalese and Tamil.
We have printed the Crusade prayers in these three languages and have started prayer groups.We have also printed the Seal of the Living God and the Crusade prayers and are distributing them throughout Sri Lankas. Please pray for our prayer groups.May God Bless you.
If you have a testimony about your experience with the Seal of the Living God, Medal of Salvation or through the Crusade Prayers please write to me and let me know
Juan Martinez

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