Wednesday 6 January 2016

You will win this battle for souls and it will not take long before the New World, without end, will emerge.

My dearly beloved daughter many chosen souls are enduring a great suffering at this time as their hearts entwine with Mine because of the scourge of sin.
This unification of suffering, now being experienced by many visionaries, seers and victim souls is to salvage the souls of those who will die in mortal sin during The Warning.
It is a suffering like no other and will help defeat the enemy during The Warning.
My daughter you must continue to publish My messages although this is painful for you at this time.
The unrest in the world will escalate quickly and not only will wars emerge but the global bank will try to seize control over much of the world’s currencies.
Chaos will prevail and ecological disasters will rise as the Hand of My Father falls to punish humanity for their weakness and slavery to sin.
My followers your prayers have staved off many calamities which would have destroyed cities and nations.
You must never give up prayer. Perseverance and loyalty to Me, your Jesus, will ease the situation.
You must stay strong during this time of strife for very soon everything will change.
Despite the wickedness of Satan’s army, the growing faith of My Army will stand before them and stop them in their attempts to destroy My Church.
Never feel disillusioned with this work even when sometimes it seems hopeless. My Mercy is great. My love covers all of God’s children.
You will win this battle for souls and it will not take long before the New World, without end, will emerge.
This is your future, the future of the world which you must strive for. Satan’s day are almost over.
Rejoice because soon the suffering will have been forgotten.
Your Jesus

Crusade of Prayer (51) For the Gift of the Holy Spirit

“O come Holy Spirit, pour Your Gift of Love, Wisdom and Knowledge, over my humble soul.
Fill me with the Light of Truth, so that I can discern the Truth of God, from the lies spread by Satan and his angels.
Help me to grasp the torch and spread the Flame of understanding to all those I meet, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.”
Go in Love, Light and Peace.
Rest and allow My Holy Spirit to descend upon you.
I love you.
Your Precious Jesus

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