Friday 22 January 2016

I pour great Graces over My Followers at this time

My dearly beloved daughter, I pour great Graces over My Followers at this, a time when they need it the most.
The Graces I pour over you, My followers, include the Gift of Insight to enable you to see the deceit, which blights the whole world. I also bequeath the Gift of Endurance, so that you will rise up against adversaries of Mine and continue to fight the fight so that Christianity survives. I give you also the Gift of Patience so that you will be able to continue to speak the Truth when you have to listen to falsities, which will be uttered by those followers of Mine, who will be led into error by My enemies.
Finally, I give you the Gift of Love, and when I fill you with this Gift, you will be able to deplete evil through your words, deeds and actions. Love for Me, means you will love even your enemies and by this Gift you will destroy hatred.
Go and accept My Gifts. All you have to do is say to Me
“Jesus give me the Gifts I need to remain true to You.
Your beloved Jesus

Crusade Prayer (67) Keep my children safe from the King of Lies

“Please dear Jesus, I ask You to keep my children safe from the king of lies.
I consecrate these children (name them) to Your Sacred Heart and ask that, through the cloak of Your Precious Blood, You will enlighten their souls and take them safely into Your Loving Arms, so that they can be protected from all harm.   I ask that You open their hearts and flood their souls with Your Holy Spirit, during the Illumination of Conscience, so that they are cleansed of every iniquity. Amen.”
Your Jesus

Daily Crusade Prayer Group Video Playlist

Pray a select sample of prayers each day  with the help of a video playlist! They include prayers which are prayed every day and additional set of prayers. Each day has its own theme. By using this method, all crusades and litanies are said at least once per week. The Litanies & Crusade prayers  should take only 25 minutes; the Holy Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet approx. 50 minutes but take your time. You can pause the video and come back to them.
Click on the link to be directed to that days selection of prayers
  Collection of prayers for Sunday  Theme: for our clergy and our Church
Collection of prayers for Monday    Theme: Prayers to our Heavenly Father
Collection of prayers for Tuesday  Theme: Prayers to the Holy Spirit
Collection of prayers for Wednesday  Theme: Mother Mary’s Intercession
Collection of prayers for Thursday Theme: Trust in His Mercy
Collection of prayers for Friday  Theme: Unite our suffering to the suffering of Jesus on the Cross
Collection of prayers for Saturday Theme: Prayers to God the Father
You can find more information about the prayers at this link

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