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Global Daily Crusade of Prayer Meetings

We invite you  as a matter of urgency to pray the Crusade of Prayers and Litanies dictated from Heaven, spend time in prayer and have an open heart and mind to hear God’s call – where the only goal is for the salvation of souls.   We hope that you would help in your own little way to do just that – save souls.   A soul may depend on you.  In Jesus’ words, “I bring you the Gift of My Crusade Prayers so that by reciting them you will help Me to save as many souls as I can.”  (September 1, 2014) Please sign up to receive a newsletter with information on upcoming seminars in your area

Below is a listing of all the countries and their prayer group times which are prayed through Zoom either on your phone or a computer. If you have any questions about joining a group please contact

Host CountryLanguageMeeting InformationLink to join
AlbaniaAlbanian7:40 pm – Tirane time (Daily)Albania Prayer Meeting
AfricaEnglish7:00 pm – Nigeria UTC (Daily)Africa Prayer Meeting
Argentina, Paraguay, BoliviaSpanish3:00 pm – Buenos Aires Time (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia Meeting
Argentina, Paraguay, BoliviaSpanish9:00 pm – Buenos Aires Time (Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:30 pm – South Australian Time (Mondays) 90 minute Crusade of PrayerAustralia 7:30 pm Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:30 pm – Northern Territory time (Tuesdays) 90 minute Crusade of PrayerNorthern Australia 730 pm Meeting
AustraliaEnglish8:00 pm – NSW Time (Wednesdays) 90 minute Crusade of PrayerNSW 8:00 pm Meeting
AustraliaEnglish11:00 am – Victoria time (Thursday) 60 minute Crusade of PrayerVictoria 11:00 am Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:30 pm – NSW (Thursday) 20 minute Crusade of PrayerNSW 20 Minute Crusade of Prayer
AustraliaEnglish7:30 pm – Western Australia time (Friday) 60 minute Crusade of PrayerWest Australia 7:30 pm Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:00 am – NSW (Sunday) 60 minute Crusade of PrayerSunday 7:00 am NSW Meeting
AustraliaEnglish7:00 am – NSW (Monday to Friday) 2 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary – 60 minutesNSW Morning Daily Prayer
AustriaGerman3:00 pm – CET (Daily) 30 minutesAustria 3pm Daily Prayer Meeting
AustriaGerman8:00 pm – CET (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 90 minutesAustria 8pm Daily Prayer Meeting
AustriaGerman7:00 pm – CET (Thursday) 90 minutesAustria 7pm Thursday Prayer Meeting
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutch3:00 pm – Brussels Time (Friday)Belgium 3pm Prayer Meeting
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutch3:30 pm – Brussels Time (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)Belgium 3:30 pm Prayer Meeting
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutch8:00 pm – Brussels Time (Sunday)Belgium 8 pm Prayer Meeting
Netherlands, Dutch-speaking countriesDutch6:00 am – Amsterdam Time (Daily)Netherlands 6 am Prayer Meeting
BrasilPortuguese & Spanish8:30 pm – Brasil time (Monday to Friday)Brasil 8:30 pm Prayer Meeting
CanadaEnglish9:00 pm – EST UTC-4 (Daily) 90 min Crusade PrayersCanada 9 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
CanadaFrench5:00 am – EST UTC-4 (Daily) 90 minute + 20 minuteCanada 5 am Daily Prayer Meeting
CanadaEnglish7:00 am – EST UTC-4 (Starts 2nd Monday of the Month for 7 days) Novena of SalvationCanada 7 am Novena of Salvation
CanadaFrench8:30 am – EST UTC-3 (First week of every month) Novena of SalvationCanada 8:30 am Novena of Salvation
CanadaFrench11:00 am – EST UTC-3 (Mondays) 90 minuteCanada 11 am Monday Prayer Meeting
CanadaFrench2:30 pm – ATL UTC-3 (Daily) 20 minute Crusade PrayerCanada 2:30 pm Daily 20 minute Crusade Prayer
CanadaFrench3:00 pm – ATL UTC-3 (Daily) 20 minute Crusade Prayer3 pm Daily 20 Minute Crusade Prayer
CanadaFrench7:00 pm – ATL UTC-3 (Daily) 20 minute Crusade Prayer7pm Daily 20 minute Crusade Prayer
CanadaFrench7:00 pm – EST UTC-4 (Daily) 90 minute Crusade Prayer7pm Daily 90 Minute Crusade Prayer
CanadaEnglish8:00 pm – EST UTC-4 (Saturday)Canada 8pm Saturday Prayer Meeting
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish2:00 pm – Costa Rica Time (Monday, Tuesday and Saturday)Central America 2pm Prayer Meeting
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish3:00 pm – Puerto Rico Time (Tuesday)Central America 3pm Tuesday Prayer Meeting
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish8:45 pm – Costa Rica Time (Wednesday – Prayer Vigil)Central America 8:45 pm Wednesday Prayer Vigil
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish8:45 pm – Costa Rica Time (Friday – Prayer Vigil)Central America 8:45 pm Friday Prayer Vigil
ChileSpanish3:00 pm – Santiago Time (Monday and Friday)Chile 3pm Prayer Meeting
ChileSpanish9:00 pm – Santiago Time (Friday & Sunday)Chile 9 pm Prayer Meeting
Colombia, Perú, EcuadorSpanish3:00 pm – Bogotá Time (Wednesday, Friday)3 pm Bogota Prayer Meeting
Colombia, Perú, EcuadorSpanish10:45 pm – Bogotá Time (Friday) Crusade Prayer hour for healingBogota Crusade Prayer Hour for Healing
Colombia, Perú, EcuadorSpanish12:00 midnight – Bogotá Time (Friday) Prayer VigilBogota Friday Midnight Prayer Vigil
CroatiaCroatian3:00 pm – Zagreb time (Daily – Divine Mercy Chaplet)Croatia 3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet
CroatiaCroatian7:00 pm – CET (Daily) Prayers for MariaCroatia 7 pm Daily prayers for Maria Divine Mercy
CroatiaCroatian8:30 pm – Zagreb time (Monday)Croatia 8:30 pm Monday Prayer Meeting
CroatiaCroatian8:30 pm – (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)Croatia 8:30 pm Daily Prayer Meetings
CroatiaCroatian10:00 pm – CET (First Saturday) First Saturday Rosaries10 pm First Saturday Rosary
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak6:30 am – Each morning Holy Rosary at except 3rd week of the month6:30 am Morning Rosary
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak8:30 am – Tuesday8:30 am Tuesday Prayer Meeting
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak8:00 pm – Prague and Bratislava time (Daily)8 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak9:45 pm – (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 20 min prayer)9:45 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
DenmarkDanish7:00 pm – Copenhagen Time (Tuesday) (60 minute)7 pm Tuesday Prayer Meeting
France and other francophone countriesFrench15:00 Paris time (3:00 pm) – (Daily) (20-minute Divine Mercy Chaplet)France Divine Mercy Chaplet
France and other francophone countriesFrench16:00 (4:00 pm) Paris time – (Thursday & Sunday) (90-minute Crusade of Prayer)France 90 Minute Crusade Prayer
France and other francophone countriesFrench17:30 (5:30 pm) Paris time – (Thursday & Sunday) (60-minute Crusade of Prayer)France 60 Minute Crusade Prayer
France and other francophone countriesFrench20:30 Paris time (8:30 pm) – (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) (90-minute daily COP)France Daily Crusade Prayer 90 Minute
France and other francophone countriesFrench22:00 (10:00 pm) Paris time – (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) (60-minute daily COP)France Daily Crusade Prayer 60 Minute
German Speaking CountriesGerman8:15 am – Berlin Time (Monday – Sunday) (3 Rosaries – 90 minutes)German Daily Rosary
German Speaking CountriesGerman3:00 pm – Berlin Time (Monday – Friday) (Chaplet of Divine Mercy – 30 minutes)German Divine Mercy Chaplet
German Speaking CountriesGerman6:00 pm – Berlin Time (Monday and Wednesday) (Crusade of Prayer – 20 minutes)German 20 Minute Crusade of Prayer
German Speaking CountriesGerman8:00 pm – Berlin Time (Monday – Sunday) (Daily Crusade of Prayer – 90 minutes)German Daily Prayer Meeting
Gethsemane – International VigilMultilingual9:00 pm – Central Europe Time (Thursday)Gethsemane Prayer Group
HungaryHungarian7:30 pm – Budapest Time (Daily)Hungary Daily Prayer Meeting
HungaryHungarian12:00 midnight – Budapest time (Saturday Prayer Vigil)Hungary Saturday Prayer Vigil
IndiaHindi20:30 – UTC 5:30+ (Daily)India Daily Prayer Meeting
IndonesiaBahasa Indonesia7:00 pm – GMT+7 (Sunday)Indonesia Sunday Prayer Meeting
Ireland & United KingdomEnglish7:30 pm – London time (Monday & Wednesday)Ireland UK Prayer Meeting
ItaliaItalian21:00 – Rome Time (Daily)Italy Daily Prayer Meeting
ItaliaItalian14:55 – 16:40 – Rome Time (Lu. Ma Wed Thu.Sat.)Italy Prayer meeting
Italia & EspañaItalian Española14:55 – 16:40 – Rome Time (Friday)Italia Espana Friday prayer meeting
KoreaKorean3:00 pm – GMT+9 (Daily)Korea 3pm Daily Prayer meeting
KoreaKorean8:00 pm – GMT+9 (Daily)Korea 8pm Daily Prayer Meeting
KoreaKorean10:30 pm – Korea (Thursday) GethsemaneKorea Thursday Gethsemane Prayer
MalaysiaEnglish11:00 am – (Thursday)Malaysia Thursday Prayer Meeting
MexicoSpanish9:00 pm – Mexico City Time (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Sunday)Mexico 9pm Prayer Meeting
MexicoSpanish9:30 pm – Mexico City Time (Tuesday and Thursday)Mexico 9:30 pm Prayer Meeting
MexicoSpanish12:00 am – Mexico City Time (Tuesday and Thursday) 4 Rosary VigilMexico Rosary Vigil
New ZealandEnglish8:00 pm – NZ DST GMT+13 – (Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri)New Zealand Prayer Meeting
PhilippinesEnglish8:00 am – PH Time (Starts every First Monday of the month for 7 days) Novena of Salvation8am Novena of Salavation
PhilippinesTagalog11:00 am – PH Time (Starts every First Monday of the month for 7 days) Novena of Salvation11am Novena of Salvation
PhilippinesBisaya11:45 am – PH Time (Starts every First Monday of the month for 7 days) Novena of Salvation11:45 am Novena of Salvation
PhilippinesEnglish1:45 pm – PH Time (Daily)PH 1:45 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
PhilippinesEnglish3:00 pm – PH Time (Daily- Chaplet of Divine Mercy)PH Divine Mercy Chaplet
PhilippinesEnglish7:30 pm – PH Time GMT +8 (Daily)PH 7:30 pm Daily Prayer Meeting
PhilippinesTagalog3:30 pm – PH Time (Daily)PH 3:30pm Daily Prayer Meeting
PhilippinesVisayan12:00 pm – PH Time GMT+8 (Daily)PH 12 pm Daily Prayer Time
PolandPolish7:00 am – Warsaw time (Daily Rosary)Poland Daily Rosary
PolandPolish3:00 pm – Warsaw time (Daily Divine Mercy Chaplet)Poland Divine Mercy Chaplet
PolandPolish7:30 pm – Warsaw time (Monday and Wednesday)Poland 7:30 pm Prayer Meeting
PolandPolish8:00 pm – Warsaw time (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)Poland 8pm Prayer Meeting
PortugalPortuguese3:00 pm – Lisbon Time (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday)Portugal 3pm Prayer Meeting
PortugalPortuguese3:00 pm – Lisbon Time (Thursday)Portugal 3pm Thursday Prayer Meeting
PortugalPortuguese9:30 pm – Portugal (Monday to Thursday)Portugal 9:30 pm
PortugalPortuguese9:30 pm – Portugal (Friday) Crusade of Prayer for healingPortugal Friday Healing COP
PortugalPortuguese9:45 pm – Lisbon Time (Friday) (Crusade Prayers)Portugal Friday Crusade of Prayers
RomaniaRomanian8:00 pm – Bucharest time (Daily)Romania Daily Prayer Meeting
RussianRussian20:30 – Belarus (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 90 minutesRussian Prayer Meeting
BelarusBelarusian20:30 – Belarus (Sunday) 90 minutesBelarus Prayer Meeting
SingaporeEnglish8:00 pm – GMT+8 (Tuesday)Singapore Prayer Meeting
Slovakia, Germany, Czech RepublicGerman5:45 am – CET (Monday to Sunday – Every third week of the month) Novena of SalvationSlovakia Germany Czech Prayer Meeting
SloveniaSlovenian20:30 – Ljubljana Time (Daily) (90 minutes)Slovenia Daily Prayer Meeting
SloveniaSlovenian11:00 – Ljubljana Time (Week 4 of every month for 7 days – Monday to Sunday) (Novena of Salvation)Slovenia Novena of Salvation
SpainSpanish3:00 pm – Madrid Time (Monday to Thursday)Spain 3pm Prayer Meeting
SpainSpanish3:00 pm – Madrid Time (Sunday)Spain 3pm Sunday Prayer Meeting
SpainSpanish10:00 pm – Madrid Time (Monday to Friday, & Sunday)Spain 10 pm Prayer Meeting
SpainSpanish12:00 midnight – Madrid Time (Friday) Prayer vigilSpain Friday Prayer Vigil
Ukraine    Ukrainian8:30 pm – Kyiv time (daily)Ukraine Daily Prayer Meeting
USAEnglish11:00 pm – EST (Wednesday and Sunday Only)USA 11 pm Prayer Meeting
USAEnglish9:30 am – EST (Daily)USA 9:30 am Daily Prayer Meeting
USAEnglish3:00 pm – EST (Divine Mercy Chaplet)USA Divine Mercy Chaplet
USAEnglish4:00 pm – EST (Daily – 90 minute Crusade of Prayer)USA 4 pm Daily Prayer
USAEnglish5:30 pm – EST (Daily – 20 minute Crusade of Prayer)USA 5:30 pm 20 Minute Crusade Prayers
VietnamVietnamese8:30 am – GMT +7 (Daily)Vietnam 8:30 am Daily Prayer
VietnamVietnamese14:30 – GMT+7 (Daily)Vietnam 14:30 Daily Prayer Meeting
VietnamVietnamese20:00 – GMT+7 (Daily)Vietnam 20:00 Daily Prayer Meeting

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