Thursday 19 January 2023

Virgin Mary: The deceiver is also preparing for The Warning.... BOOK OF TRUTH..


Virgin Mary: The deceiver is also preparing for The Warning

FatimaMy child, pray for all those souls who have rejected my Son and who are proud of the fact. The time draws near as my Son once again tries to save the world from damnation.

It is important, my child, that you continue to be obedient in all things requested of you by my precious Son.

He suffers and wants to save all of you from the grip of the deceiver. He, the deceiver, is preparing for The Warning. While my Son through His Mercy will set out to save the souls of all, he, the deceiver, will try to convince them that The Warning was an illusion.

Satan must be prevented from snatching those unsuspecting souls.

Keep them in all your prayers, for they are the ones who need your prayers the most.

Your Blessed Mother
Queen of Heaven

Crusade Prayer (138) Protection from hatred

O Mother of Salvation, protect me from every kind of hatred. Help me to remain silent, when confronted by hatred. Keep me strong in my allegiance to Jesus Christ, when I am at my weakest. Seal my lips. Help me to turn my back on those who engage me with words, which deny the Teachings of your Son or those who taunt me because of my faith.
Pray for these souls, dear Mother, so that they will renounce Satan and feel the peace of your love and the Reign of the Holy Spirit, within their souls. Amen.

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