Saturday 1 May 2021 Jesus To Mankind....NOVENA OF SALVATION MONTH OF MAY...2021.


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Dear Friends in Our Lord Jesus Christ,


Dear Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Warriors,

This month of May, we will pray the Novena of Salvation as one united, Jesus to Mankind Mission worldwide. Our goal is for the four corners of the Earth to recite the Novena of Salvation for the entire month of May, beginning Monday, May 3. This Novena of Salvation Month is our one month preparation for the upcoming Feast of Our Mother of Salvation on June 4.

To achieve this goal of having the four corners of the Earth reciting the Novena of Salvation, we will divide the world into four regions, or 4 areas with groups of countries assigned per area. We will be dividing all the countries who are currently active in Zoom Prayer Sessions into four regions, corresponding to each of the 4 corners of the Earth.

Each region will pray for one week the Novena of Salvation as follows. The first group of countries will pray the Novena for 7 days in the first week of the month, the second group will pray the Novena for 7 days in the second week, the third group in the third week, and the fourth group in the fourth week. We are requested to pray the Novena of Salvation every morning each day 3x during the 7 days. On one of the 7 days, we are requested by Our Mother of Salvation to fast. By fasting, we are requested to eat only one main meal during the day and then bread and water only at the other two meal times.

Each of us can do this Novena on our own, of course. However, we are highly encouraged to join the rest of the Jesus to Mankind Family in doing this all together, via Zoom. Our coordinators will be organizing a Daily Zoom Prayer Meeting for each of the 7 days, for each of the four regions. The prayer session will take no more than 10 minutes. 

Below is the schedule for Week 1, as well as the countries involved.

Register to 9am Session
Register to 1130am Session

If you belong to week 1, please join by registering now!

Register to 9am Schedule:

Register to 1130am Schedule:

The schedules for week 2-4 will be announced separately.

Mother of Salvation, Pray for us!


Jesus to Mankind Global


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