Monday 14 January 2019

Message from the Virgin Mary regarding her lost children

Message from the Virgin Mary regarding her lost children

My child, these last few days have not been easy. When you obey my Son, that is all that matters. Please do not allow doubts or fears to come into your heart at this stage, for when they do it is because the deceiver is at work.
Open your heart to allow the graces to flood your soul so that you can become closer to my Precious Son. You are now close to your Blessed Mother, who supports you and guides you at all times.
This part of your Mission is hard to deal with, but remember that working for my Son is never easy. You will become stronger, despite your hesitancy, because you still follow His instructions, so this is good.
Pray now for all my lost children everywhere, for they are empty of love, the real love that my Son offers them. This love is their salvation. So please offer up all your prayers for these poor, lost souls.
Go now in peace and continue to do everything my Son asks of you, at all times.
Your Blessed Mother
Mary Queen of Heaven

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