Tuesday 3 April 2018

Prayer for Atheists during the Warning

Prayer for Atheists during the Warning

cropped-dmd-e1488719388931.jpgThis important short prayer was given July 17, 2012

Prayer for atheists during The Warning
To those of you who say you are atheists hear now My promise. I love you and I will never give up My fight to save you from the clutches of the deceiver, Satan, who blinds you to the Truth.
When the time comes, and when you will see your sins before your eyes during The Warning please say these words
Jesus show me the Truth and save me from evil.
I am truly sorry for my sins and I ask you to take me now and show
Me the light of your mercy. Amen.
You will never be confused again if you say this prayer. A weight will be lifted from your heart and you will be truly at peace.
Remember these words when the day arrives.
I will not forsake you. I will hold you and will you feel My love surge through your body and then you will be given the proof you have been longing for.
Your Jesus

View full message here  https://fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/young-souls-are-dear-to-me-and-i-weep-with-the-way-in-which-many-of-them-were-never-taught-the-truth/

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