Wednesday 16 September 2015

Virgin Mary announces new Crusade Prayer (38) for the Salvation of Catholic Church
Image March 20, 2012
A new Crusade Prayer number (38) was given to Maria Divine Mercy by the Virgin Mary on the My crusade prayer (38) on March 20 2012 and is contained in the message of the same date entitled “Pray for Pope Benedict as he is in danger of being exiled from Rome”.
In the message Our Lady, who uses her new title Mother of Salvation calls for this prayer ” to be be said for the next month every single day to ensure that God’s holy priests do not fall for the wicked deceit which is being planned by the False Prophet and his followers”
O Blessed Mother of Salvation, Please pray for the Catholic Church
In these difficult times and for our beloved Pope Benedict XVI to ease his suffering
We ask you Mother of Salvation, To cover God’s sacred servants with Your holy mantle So that they are given the graces to be strong, loyal and brave
During the trials they face, Pray too that they will look after their flock. In accordance with the true teachings of the Catholic Church
O Holy Mother of God give us, your remnant Church on earth, The gift of leadership so that we can help lead souls Towards the Kingdom of your Son
We ask you Mother of Salvation to keep the deceiver away From the followers of your Son in their quest to safeguard Their souls so that they are fit to enter the gates of the New Paradise on Earth.
Go children and pray for the renewal of the Church and for the safety of those sacred servants who will suffer for their faith under the rule of the False Prophet.
Mary, Mother of Salvation.

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