Sunday, 25 August 2019

Please pray for this Holy Mission of Salvation

Please pray for this Holy Mission of Salvation

Posting this at the request of Maria Divine Mercy. Please pray for this Holy Mission of Salvation for its protection and propagation.

medal of salvation                           Crusade Prayer (132)                                      Renounce Satan, to Protect this Mission (31/1/14)
“In order to safeguard this Mission against the wickedness of Satan, I ask that you begin to recite this powerful Prayer to renounce Satan.
When you recite this Crusade Prayer, at least twice a week, you will help to protect this Mission of Salvation and bring more souls into the
Realm of God’s Kingdom.” (Mother of Salvation)
O Mother of Salvation, come to the aid of this Mission. Help us, God’s 
Remnant Army, to renounce Satan. We beg you to crush the head of the 
Beast with your heel and remove all obstacles in our Mission to save 
souls. Amen.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Crusade of Prayer Groups

Crusade of Prayer Groups

Are you looking to join a Crusade of Prayer Group?

Local crusade prayer groups have been set up and it meets once a week in a designated household for the purpose of saving souls through our prayers. You may set up your own  groups following the Guidelines.  A group may consist of two or more.  The Crusade Prayer Meeting entails approximately 1.5 hours of prayer of the Holy Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and a selection of Crusade Prayers and Litanies.
In fidelity to Jesus’ last Mission to save Souls and to help us persevere in this most challenging spiritual battle ever experienced by mankind, Jesus requests that we also individually:
  • Spend time in daily prayer (Jesus has requested at least one hour of selected Crusade Prayers and Litanies)
  • Spend time in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at least once a week
  • Fasting once week
  • The frequent reception of the Sacraments (Reconciliation and Holy Communion), and
  • The spreading of His Holy messages given to Maria Divine Mercy
Anyone and everyone who love God enough to want to help Him salvage souls. This is entirely voluntary according to one’s own free will, a gift given to us by God.
“I will cover each Crusade Prayer Group with My Abundance of Graces, including the Gift of Discernment.”  (Jesus, Jan 23, 2013)
“Prepare for this global Mission, like no other. It is the Final Mission to save souls and every step of the way is dictated by Me, Jesus Christ.  So, I ask that you place all your trust in Me. Rejoice, for you are blessed to be given this role in the most important time in the history of the world. For this, you will receive many Gifts from Me, as I need your help to save souls.  Allow Me to give you the Blessing of Protection for the Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Groups in every single location, as they are being set up. My Love, My Blessing, My beloved disciples. You bring Me peace, love and comfort at this time.” (Jesus, June 17, 2013) 
“I will increase conversion, as more Prayer Groups are established in My Holy Name.  Call these Prayer Groups “Jesus to Mankind” and leave the rest to Me.” (Jesus, Sept 3, 2012)

Please contact the admin group if you have a group or looking for a group

We look forward to helping you
God Bless

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Special Limited Time Offer The Seal Of The Living God Crucifix was $43 now $33.

There is only one Truth. One Light. Anything else is a lie.

There is only one Truth. One Light. Anything else is a lie.

My dearly beloved daughter, know that no matter how difficult this Mission is, I will not fail to direct you. My Voice encourages you at all times. My Spirit moves your heart so that you are powerless against it. My Love is so enveloping that you are unable to turn your back on Me or deny Me. Yet you find that you stumble along the way.
When you try to analyse My Word, you will find you are unable to do this successfully. No amount of analysis can change the Truth of what I say.
No one, including you, My daughter, has the authority to twist the meaning of My Holy Word, so that it becomes more acceptable in your eyes.
This applies to My Word contained in the Holy Bible and My Word contained within these Messages.
Trust in Me more, My daughter. Ask My children and all of My beloved followers to trust in Me completely.
I will never let humanity down. I will never turn My back on the pleas of My cherished children. I will always respond to poor souls who plead for My Mercy.
What I will never do, My daughter, is to speak to My children in order to suit their needs and to give them what they want to hear.
The Truth must be told. My Holy Word must never be diluted, or the Truth tampered with.
My Holy Word must never be changed, adjusted or twisted, so that it becomes a lie.
Know that the time for My Justice is close. Understand that My Mercy is great, but the wickedness I see in your world disgusts Me.
This wickedness is even justified by those who profess My Word and who claim to know Me.
They have twisted my Teachings for centuries to suit their avarice, lust, pride and greed.
How it breaks My Heart to see acts of depravity paraded before Me and witness how My children are fooled into believing that these acts are acceptable in My Eyes.
Wake up to the Truth. My great Mercy is available to every single soul during The Warning.
But beware. Those Christians who believe that the twisted truth of My Teachings will be acceptable in My Eyes will be shocked during The Warning. They will resist the Truth when I reveal how their sins greatly offend Me.
I urge these people to accept that I Am the Truth and the Light. There is only One Truth, One Light. Anything else is a lie.
Examine your conscience, children, honestly before The Warning takes place. Learn to identify the Truth before you come before Me. For then and only then will your suffering be less.
Your Teacher and Redeemer
Saviour of all Mankind, Jesus Christ

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Virgin Mary: Time for the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart not far away

Virgin Mary: Time for the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart not far away

Most-Holy-HeartsMy child, the time for the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart is not far away.
As Satan’s power diminishes he becomes more ruthless in his pursuit of souls.
Even strong souls will find this period difficult, as their faith will be tested to the limit.
My child, when the faith of my children is tested in this cruel way they must not falter, but stay alert. They must remain pure of heart at all times.
They must also remain silent when they feel envy in their souls. Envy and jealousy leads to hatred. Envy of chosen souls is increasing even amongst those who love my Son.
Children, you must never succumb to this temptation, which is placed in your hearts by the evil one.
There will increase now a widespread jealousy of all visionaries and holy messengers in the world. This has been foretold for these are among the many saints of the end times.
Their lot is hard and they will suffer intensely because of the tasks accorded to them.
My child, I call on all those who revere me, their Blessed Mother, to pray to me for the protection of visionaries and end time prophets.
They need your prayers. If you have doubts about these souls who have been chosen to impart the Truth to the world, then pray for them regardless.
You are all God’s Creation. You must show love to each other. Proclaim the Holy Word of my Son but never at the expense of insulting another of God’s children.
Insults do not spring from love. They come from the deceiver whose hatred for humanity knows no bounds.
If you love my Son and find fault with another soul then you must seal your lips.
Never slander another in the Name of my Son.
My Heart is pierced like with a sword when I see those souls who are dedicated to me, the Holy Mother of God, pour scorn on those visionaries chosen to help save souls.
Pray, pray, pray for the visionaries chosen by God the Father in the world today.
Be assured that it is those who suffer the biggest insults, who speak in the Name of my Son.
Those, whose messages are challenged fiercely, frowned upon and torn asunder, are usually the chosen souls.
They are the primary targets of the evil one who, through others, will taunt believers into rejecting these seers.
Remember, these messengers represent my Son and His Holy Word.
Reject the authentic seer and you reject the Word of my precious Son.
Always pray for discernment. However, you must never publicly scorn those Divine Messages given to humanity in order to save souls from the fires of Hell.
Block the work of these visionaries and you block the salvation of souls.
Your beloved Mother
Queen of Heaven
Mother of Salvation

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Importance of Eucharist and how Jesus will make himself known

Importance of Eucharist and how Jesus will make himself known

sacrament holy eucharist
I have been asked to clarify two issues that keep cropping up on the Jesus to Mankind Facebook.
The first refers to the Holy Eucharist and the presence of Jesus Christ. The second refers to how Jesus will manifest either before or at His Second Coming.
Jesus has emphasised to me time and time again of the importance of His presence in the Holy Eucharist. We must accept the presence without question.
Jesus has also stressed that he will never manifest as a man or in another human for no one would be worthy and this has not been foretold – ever.
Please read these two messages he gave me regarding these two subjects in July 2011.
Maria Divine Mercy

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

God the Father: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these messages

God the Father: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these messages

My daughter, the Gift of today’s vision, where I revealed to you the Face of My Son and Me, your beloved heavenly Father, is rare.
You are blessed to have been given this extraordinary Gift from the Heavens. This was necessary to make you stronger. Your suffering will ease now and you will become much stronger than before.
Never fear this Work, for you must know by now that all power on Earth is in My heavenly Hands. No one has power over The Father. Even the deceiver cannot tamper with or change My heavenly plan for humanity.
Heaven rejoices because of the conversion, which has evolved from these, My Messages for the world. Over two billion souls will now convert as a direct result of these Divine Messages.
No man will stop this Work. They may try, but it will be useless.
My divine protection covers all souls who proclaim the Truth of eternal salvation.
Never give up, children, no matter how hard your suffering becomes. Suffering, never forget, brings you closer to My heavenly Kingdom.
You, My children, will rejoice shortly when you feel the graces being poured out upon you through My Son.
Stay alert. Keep praying for all souls and never doubt for one minute that it is I, your Eternal Father, Who brings you peace of mind, body and soul through these Messages.
Treat these Messages as Sacred. They are and will always be in accordance with My Word, given to man since the beginning of time. They will ignite the flame of your soul in ways, which you will find difficult to ignore.
Allow My Spirit to reach you and relax. Only then can I touch your soul so that a spark of recognition will fire your heart.
I call you to run to Me, so I can embrace you in the only way that a Father can.
Let Me offer you My protection and graces to make you strong enough to fight in My army, against the evil in your world.
My army will bring about the peace you desire and the love you need to quench your thirst.
Go in Peace, children, in the knowledge that the Truth is contained in these Messages, which I have sanctioned for the whole world.
You will, if pure and humble of heart, recognize My Love. Become little, as a child, in My Eyes. Only then will I lift you up like an angel in My Hierarchy when the time is right.
Go in peace. Rest your weary head upon My Shoulder and I will bring you the comfort and solace you desire.
I love you, children, every single one of you.
I rejoice, for when the day comes for our holy family to reunite, all the Heavens will sing in praise and glory for eternity.
God the Father
(Note: Reference 2 billion souls – Maria Divine Mercy wishes it to be known that in an earlier private Message received from God the Father to her, she was told that “Two billion more souls than would otherwise have been lost will be saved because of these Messages.” Many people have interpreted the above Message to mean that only two billion people in the world will be saved which is not correct. There will be much more than that. This two billion is in addition.)